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Build your / your own Eiffel Tower. Make it as high as possible and as similar as possible. Be creative, because creativity will of course be rewarded with extra points. You can decide for yourself which material you use or how you make it. However, lashing poles are not allowed in the structure. When it is finished, take a picture of yourself at your built Eiffel Tower. (photoshop is not allowed) Also take a photo where we as a jury can clearly see how high your tower has become. The cm’s determine the number of points you earn as a group. So if your Eiffel Tower is 30 cm high, you will receive 30 points, but you can only earn a maximum of 250 points.

Note: Only 1 creation may be submitted per group.

Start time and End time

Start Saturday 10:00 a.m. till Saturday 10:00 p.m.

What do you have to hand in

Send in a photo

If you have questions go to