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Tips & Tricks

For example, use Irfanview (Windows) or Preview (Mac) to reduce photos. But even more convenient: when you send photos and videos to each other via WhatsApp, they are automatically resized for you. Perfect for submitting to the game website afterwards. When you make videos, you often have to shorten them, for example to cut out the failed attempts of the assignment. Shortening videos is most convenient on your smartphone (Apple and Android).

You can make a collage in PowerPoint, for example, after which you save the slide as a .jpg file.

Submit files

You can submit files by e-mail. Files should not be too large, videos should not be too long and only certain extensions may be submitted:



File size

Photo.jpg .jpeg .png .gif10 MB
FilmH.264 (.mp4 .mov .f4v)
FLV (.flv)
90 MB, max. 2 minutes
Tekst.pdf .txt10 MB

You can also upload photos and videos yourself at YouTube or Dropbox and hand in the URL or, for example, via WeTransfer.


it may take a while for an uploaded video to be processed by a site like Youtube. If the organization cannot see the file because the upload or processing has not yet been completed, the assignment will be counted incorrectly, you will not receive any points!
If the organization clicks on a link, the photo or video must be immediately visible. Links to folders with multiple files are not accepted
Start uploading your files in time for the end of the game. The upload time can be longer due to the crowds and large files.